Primary Legal Counselling

For Asylum Seekers

Why do I need primary legal counselling?

In case of persecution

Any person has the right to seek asylum and benefit from asylum in other countries
art.14 universal declaration of human rights

For the reason that

Republic of Moldova provides protection to the persons who flee from persecution


Due to the fact

The asylum procedure is complex, it is important to receive primary legal counselling in order to understand the requirements of asylum procedure and your rights during procedure.

Important ! ! !

No asylum seeker can be expelled or returned from the border or from the territory of the Republic of Moldova

Important ! ! !

The asylum seeker has the right to benefit from legal assistance at any phase of the asylum procedure

How does a lawyer help me?

Can advise me on the reasons that form the basis of asylum application

Explains me the rights and obligations as an asylum seeker

Helps me write statements / applications / complaints

Can assist me during asylum procedure

Can prepare the file for the court

Can represent my interests before court

What do I discuss with the lawyer?

When did I leave the country of origin?

How did I get in Moldova / transit countries?

Why did I leave the country of origin?

Why I don't want to return to my country

Am i accompanied by any other family members?

What documents do I hold?

Other Information

How to find a lawyer?

Legal assistance is free


str. Vlaicu Pârcălab 8, Chișinău, Republica Moldova
Tel: +373 (22) 240899
Fax: +373 (22) 240899
Hotline: +373 60574848

National Council of Legal Aid

str. Alecu Russo 1A, of. 94, Chișinău, Republica Moldova
Tel: +373 (22) 310274
Fax: +373 (22) 310274

Where can I submit asylum application?

Office for Asylum and Integration
Biroul Migrație și Azil

str. Stefan cel Mare 124, et. 2, Chișinău, Republica Moldova

Northern Regional Division of the Bureau of Migration and Asylum

str. Moscovei 9, Bălți, Republica Moldova


Southern Regional Office of the Bureau of Migration and Asylum

str. Ioan Voda cel Cumplit 79, Cahul, Republica Moldova

Border Police

At any border crossing point

Police Station

Any police station where you are

In penitentiaries and places of detention

Any legal representative

Asylum procedure

Submit the asylum application

Submit the asylum application

The decision is positive

The decision is positive

Interview</br>Examination of the application

Examination of the application

The decision is negative

The decision is negative

Refugee status

Refugee status

Humanitarian protection status

Humanitarian protection status

Address to court

Address to court

Leaving the territory of the Republic of Moldova

Leaving the territory of the Republic of Moldova

The Term

Office for Asylum and Integration

The interview will take place within a term of up to 21 days

Receives asylum application

Issues temporary documents to the asylum seeker

Accommodate asylum seeker

Bureau of Migration and Refugees

Examination term of asylum application is up to 6 months

Conducts the interview

Issue decision of granting asylum or rejecting the asylum application


In case you have received rejected asylum application, it is recommended to contact a lawyer as soon as possible, due to the fact that time goes on against you!

You have 30 days to challenge the decision in court