About Us


The Law Center of Advocates (LCA) is a public, non-political, non-profit association, registered on February 24, 1997 at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova.

The mission of the organization is: Respecting and promoting the fundamental rights and freedoms of asylum seekers, refugees, people with humanitarian protection, stateless persons, persons at risk of becoming stateless, foreigners in difficulty (including foreigners in public custody).


Our Mission

Legal Assistance

Providing free legal assistance to all refugees, asylum seekers, persons with humanitarian protection, stateless persons and persons at risk of becoming stateless, foreigners in difficulty.


raining for lawyers, judges, government staff in the context of migration, refugees and statelessness, respect for human rights.


Advocacy activities regarding the access of refugees, asylum seekers, persons with humanitarian protection, stateless persons, and persons at risk of becoming stateless to the social protection, health and educational systems.


Monitoring policies, legislation, and activities of state institutions in the field of migration, asylum, statelessness, and naturalization.

CDA Structure

The governing bodies of the CDA association

The governing bodies of the CDA association are:

– General assembly of the founding members;
– Board of Directors;
– President;
– Censors Commission.

The general assembly of the founding members is convened no less frequently than once a year. The General Assembly adopts and modifies the Statute, coordinates and elaborates the strategy of perspective development. Decisions of the General Assembly are valid if at least 50% plus 1 of the founding members participate. Decisions are taken by majority vote. The extraordinary general assembly may be convened on the initiative of the president, or of 25% of the founding members.
The general assembly adopts decisions related to the strategy and tactics of the association’s development.

The Board of Directors is a collegial body that is elected, at the General Assembly, from among the founding members of the Board of Directors, once every three years, it is subordinated to the General Assembly. It consists of 3 members with equal rights. The Chairman of the Board of Directors is elected by the members of the Board.

The Board of Directors of the Board of Directors issues decisions that do not fall within the competence of the General Assembly. Decides on the acquisition, distribution and alienation of CDA property, if its price exceeds 50% of the CDA’s patrimony.

The president of the CDA is elected at the General Assembly from among the founding members of the association for a period of 3 years.
The president of CDA represents the association in relations with the domestic and international relevant structures, directs the daily activity of the association. The members of the audit committee are elected to the General Assembly, for a term of 3 years. The Board of Auditors is chaired by a chairman elected by and from the members of the committee. The Censors Commission carries out controls on the financial-economic activity of the Board of Directors at the request of the General Assembly, the Board of Directors, the Chairman of the Board of Directors and on its own initiative not less than once a year. At the request of the Audit Committee for the performance of controls, he is presented with all the necessary documents, bank documents and other documents, as well as the personal explanations of the officials. The Board of Auditors informs the administration and the General Assembly of the association about the results of the controls.


Our Partners

CDA is an associate member of the European Network on Statelessness (ENS). In cooperation with ENS, we have achieved the profile of of the Republic of Moldova in the project Statelessness Index

Within the FReMM project, carried out by the International Center for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) , CDA employees were trained for monitoring forced return operations

Meet Our Team

Alexei Barbaneagra President
Email: alexei.barbaneagra@cda.md
+373 69167014
(including Viber, WhatsApp)
Oleg Palii Executive director/Lawyer
Email: oleg.palii@cda.md
Tel: +373 69137160
(including Viber, WhatsApp)
Svetlana Jioara Program Director
Email: svetlana.jioara@cda.md
Diana Panov Border monitor/lawyer
Email: diana.panov@cda.md
Tel: +373 60574848
(including Viber, WhatsApp)
Ion Bambuleac Legal Counsellor/asylum
Email: ion.bambuleac@cda.md
Tel: +373 68828180
(including Viber, WhatsApp)
Law Center Legal Counsellor/statelessness
Email: law-center@cda.md
Tel: +373 69199999