New partnerships established by CDA

The members of CDA team will train paralegals and lawyers who provide state-guaranteed legal assistance to refugees and asylum seekers.

In the period July – November 2022, CDA in cooperation with the National Legal Aid Council (NLAC), as part of the Council of Europe Project in the Republic of Moldova “Consolidation of the criminal justice system based on respect for human rights in the Republic of Moldova”, will conduct several training courses, which will contribute to strengthening the capacities of paralegals and legal aid lawyers in the provision of legal aid services to refugees and asylum seekers.

The executive director of CDA, Oleg Palii, and the head of the Ștefan Vodă Social Assistance and Family Protection Directorate, Aurica Cebotari, signed a memorandum of cooperation between CDA and DASPF from this district, which provides for the joint solution of problems arising in the management the flow of refugees entering the country through the Palanca crossing point.

Oleg Palii and Aurica Cebotari discussed about the activity of the CDA at the border crossing points and in accommodation centers, cooperation with representatives of local public authorities.