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CDA participates in the implementation of the HEKS/ EPER Project “Promoting adequate, dignified and safe living conditions among the victims of the armed conflict from Ukraine in Ukraine and Moldova”, financially supported by ADA/NIN donors.

The project aims to create better living conditions, ensure access to services and assistance for people affected by the war in Ukraine and settled in the Republic of Moldova.

The project is carried out from 01.01. 2023 to 31.08.2023 by several Moldovan NGOs. CDA is involved in the implementation of the legal assistance and human rights education component – “Refugees in Moldova are aware of their rights, and local authorities have a better understanding of refugees’ rights “.

CDA will develop 12 video materials for refugees, migrants and asylum seekers to help them with information on the legal assistance offered by CDA on refugee status, the procedure to be followed and support institutions.

As increasing awareness of the rights of refugees in Ukraine ensures greater access to assistance and more opportunities for integration, CDA will also develop information materials on the rights of refugees, asylum seekers, forms of protection, legal stay in the country, access to relevant services and accommodation.

Also, within the framework of this project, CDA will develop a training programme and organise eight training sessions for employees of the Border Police, General Inspectorate for Migration, lawyers, judges, prosecutors, representatives of guardianship authorities and social workers on international standards, national normative framework in the field.

The training developed materials will be placed on a dedicated page on the CDA website, accessible free of charge, which will form the basis of a Training Platform (hub), through which international standards in the field of human rights and refugee rights will be promoted. In this way the HEKS/EPER project supports CDA in its intention to establish a Human Rights Training Centre.

CDA in partnership with the Embassy of the United States of America in the Republic of Moldova, under a grant agreement, carries out in the period 01.10.22 – 30.09.23 the Project Legal assistance to stateless persons în Moldova”.

According to the Project, CDA will directly assist at least 50 persons in naturalization proceedings. If not resolved at the administrative level, CDA will refer individual cases to a court and promote the rights of stateless persons.

In addition to direct assistance, CDA will work to support the rights of stateless persons and legislatively end statelessness. CDA will advocate for stateless persons’ rights with relevant government entities, will submit legislative proposal on the reduction of statelessness.