National partners

Created in 2007, the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) carries out the initial training of candidates for the positions of judge and prosecutor, the continuous training of incumbent judges and prosecutors, clerks, legal assistants, heads of secretariats of courts, prosecutors’ consultants, probation counselors, lawyers providing state-guaranteed legal aid, as well as the initial and continuing training of other persons working in the justice sector, in the cases provided for by law.

Being the only organization in the Republic of Moldova that has expertise and experience in the field of asylum, CDA cooperates with NIJ in organizing trainings for target groups  of human rights professionals, especially lawyers, judges, prosecutors, police officers, social workers and other professionals, whose work is related to interaction and work with foreigners, stateless and undocumented persons in Moldova.

In 2021, CDA in collaboration with NIJ, BMA, NLAC organized 17 training activities with the participation of 275 people, including employees of the Border Police, and BMA, judges, lawyers, social workers

General Inspectorate for Migration (GIM) is one of the main national partners of CDA. CDA cooperates with GIM based on three collaboration agreements: Memorandum of Understanding between CDA, BMA and NLAC and Memorandum of Understanding between CDA, GIBP, UNHCR and BMA, Memorandum of Understanding between CDA and GIM from 6 March 2023.

Cooperation with the BMA has become more intense since February 24, 2022. CDA lawyers monitor the observance of human rights at border crossings points, help Border Police and the Bureau of Migration and Asylum identify asylum seekers who apply at the border crossing points, receiving asylum applications, providing legal assistance, advising asylum seekers at the border.

The Memorandum of Understanding that was signed on 6 March 2023 reflects the joint commitment of the CDA and the GIM to implement the temporary protection mechanism in the Republic of Moldova and to successfully carry out integration activities for foreigners.

The document aims to establish a support mechanism by attracting additional staff to the regional integration centres for foreigners and the foreigners’ registration offices of the GIM.

At the same time, the parties will ensure the process of informing, advising and facilitating access to protection measures in terms of respect for the rights of foreigners, in particular beneficiaries of temporary protection. Joint actions will also aim to ensure the achievement of legal status and promote an inclusive society.

In 2013, CDA signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the BMA and National Legal Aid Council (NLAC), by which the parties agreed on the organization of legal assistance to foreign nationals and stateless persons in order to be taken into public custody and placed in the Temporary Placement Centre for Foreigners (TPCF) of the BMA.

In accordance with the commitments from this Memorandum, CDA provides initial legal advice to all persons placed in the TPCF on their rights and obligations, and if necessary – the necessary primary or qualified legal assistance. CDA informs NLAC about the persons placed in TPCF who have requested legal assistance. Correspondingly, the NLAC takes over from the CDA the requests of the persons placed in the TPCF in case it will be necessary to provide qualified legal assistance guaranteed by the state.

The Border Police is the public administration body within the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which exercises its powers and implements the state policy in the field of state border management, prevention and combating cross-border crime.

CDA has been cooperating with General Inspectorate of Border Police (GIBP) since 2009, when a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between CDA, GIBP, UNCHR and BMA. Cooperation relations intensified during the refugee crisis in Ukraine, triggered by the invasion of the Russian Federation in the neighboring country. GIBP and CDA collaborate in monitoring the observance of the rights of foreigners at the border crossing points, carrying out some exchanges of information on this subject. The CDA also provides trainings for Border Police employees.

Public Association „Law Center of Advocates” (CDA) has been cooperating for many years with the People’s Advocate Office (PAO) in matters on respecting the rights of asylum seekers, beneficiaries of international protection, undocumented, stateless persons, foreigners. In September 2021, CDA and PAO signed a collaboration agreement.

In cooperation with the PAO were elaborated the Thematic Study “Observance of the rights of foreign citizens in state custody”; Thematic Report “Three years of joint border monitoring. Office of the People’s Advocate – Law Center of Advocates”.

CDA is a member of the Advisory Council for the prevention of violations of the rights of refugees from Ukraine, created within the People’s Advocate’s Office on March 11, 2022. In this capacity, CDA contributed to the elaboration by the People’s Advocate of the Report No. 1 on the monitoring the observance of the rights of foreigners from Ukraine in the context of the state of emergency for the period from February 25 to April 30, 2022.

Representatives of the PAO are involved in the projects carried out by the CDA on monitoring the observance of the rights of foreigners in the accommodation centers for refugees from Ukraine.