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Roundtable - “Integration issues of foreigners in the Republic of Moldova”

“Integration issues of foreigners in the Republic of Moldova”

On 13th of March 2017, in Chișinău there was held a roundtable on the “Integration issues of foreigners in the Republic of Moldova”. The event was organized by the Bureau of Migration and Asylum (BMA), and among the participants there were representatives from the:


  • Ministry of Internal Affairs, BMA;
  • Directorate of the Protection of Children’s Rights;
  • Police Inspectorate, Botanica district;
  • National House of Social Insurance;
  • Directorate of Social Assistance;
  • Association of Child and Family Empowerment AVE Copiii;
  • “Galata” High school;
  • Village Hall of Mereni district;
  • Charity Center for Refugees;
  • Accommodation Center for Asylum Seekers, DAI, BMA;
  • Law Centre of Advocates;
  • UNHCR Moldova;

The roundtable centered on three general discussion topics, regarding:

  1. The latest amendments provided in asylum law and the normative framework related to the Accommodation Center, the available identity documents;
  2. The issues of foreigners’ integration in the Republic of Moldova (Integration issues; Forms of protection for foreigners on the territory of the Republic of Moldova; Training of the State Authorities);
  3. The interventions of NGOs representatives.

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