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Regional Conference and Study Visit - "Access to territory and the asylum procedure"

Regional Conference and Study Visit

The Regional Conference on "Access to Territory and the Asylum Procedure", organized within the project "Asylum Systems Quality Initiatives" implemented by UNHCR in the eastern regions of Europe and in the southern region of Caucasus, took place in Chișinău on 16-17 May. The event was carried out with the support of the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) in collaboration with the NGO "Law Center of Advocates".

The event brought together 20 professionals from the Border Police Department and the Migration and Asylum Bureau, FRONTEX, UNHCR, from 6 countries, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, in order to assess the progress made, to meditate on the lessons learned and to agree on the areas in which it will be necessary to intervene further so as to obtain a maximum benefit from the opportunities offered by the project.

The foreword was held by Mrs. Anna Gekht Davis, Regional Project Coordinator, UNHCR Regional European Office, presenting the guests and participants at the Regional Conference. During the event, the following topics were addressed: Ensuring the guarantees of international protection and respect for human rights; Access to territory according to European standards; Methods of identifying and working with vulnerable people; Professional development and training of asylum officers at the border; Access and references to the asylum procedure; Legal framework on asylum in the Republic of Moldova; The Border Police in the asylum system and the access territory of asylum seekers.

During the event held in Chisinau, as trainers and experts participated:

  • Maria Albertineli - Asylum Support Department (EASO);
  • Valeria Vukman - Fundamental Human Rights Consultant, Frontex;
  • Dirk Andre Maurice Calemyn - Expert Frontex, Former Commissioner of the Federal Belgian Police (Head of Migration Services);
  • Fabianne Baxewanos - Legal Advisor, UNHCR Regional European Office;
  • Dace Kozule - Partnership Consultant, FRONTEX, UNHCR;
  • Anna Davis - Regional Project Coordinator, UNHCR Regional European Office;

During the two days of the conference, workshops on regional cooperation projects were held. The event was used as a platform for an exchange of experience and cooperation among Asylum actors. Participants had the opportunity to discuss the current issues they face in their fields of activity, to learn about the processes that take place in their own countries.

Event organized under the project "Legal Assistance for Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Promotion of Refugee Law" implemented by the NGO Law Center of Advocates

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