<strong>24 February – a day of a dual meaning for CDA</strong>

24 February – a day of a dual meaning for CDA

24 February 2022 was expected to be a festive day at the CDA, marking the 25th anniversary of the organization’s establishment. But the gala outfits were exchanged for boots and warm clothes: CDA lawyers went to the Palanca Border Crossing Point to provide legal assistance to people fleeing violence and destruction.

From the first hours and days of the war in Ukraine, Diana Panov, Ion Bambuleac, and later other members of the CDA team, guided by CDA Executive Director Oleg Palii, supported dozens and hundreds of people who, in desperation, had to leave their homes and country in search of a safer place.

For CDA, the anniversary year was a test of resilience, competence, and the ability to mobilize to the maximum to cope with a major humanitarian crisis. CDA  has demonstrated that it is a strong team of professionals with a unique skills in the field of asylum and statelessness in Moldova.

In 2022 we have become more united, appreciated, and credible organization:

– The association has grown from 5 to about 100 members; 

– CDA, through its employees, was present in all districts of Moldova;

– CDA became even more known and appreciated at the local, national levels, but also internationally;

– CDA has established partnerships at local level, which allows it to be closer to the beneficiaries and to respond promptly to their needs;

– The assistance provided by CDA lawyers has helped hundreds and thousands of displaced persons from Ukraine to find accommodation, employment, arrange for their children to attend schools or kindergartens, to obtain identity documents or to acquire legal status or citizenship in our country. We have assisted beneficiaries to relocate to other countries, to obtain humanitarian and financial aid, to integrate in the Republic of Moldova.

2023 is also a jubilee year for CDA – of a 25-year partnership with UNCHR Moldova. In 2023 and in the future, we aim to be as efficient and always ready to provide support and assistance to our beneficiaries.

Message of the Country Representative of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in the Republic of Moldova, Francesca Bonelli, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the partnership CDA – UNHCR Moldova: