General Inspectorate for Migration (GIM)

General Inspectorate for Migration (GIM)

General Inspectorate for Migration (GIM) is one of the main national partners of CDA. CDA cooperates with GIM based on three collaboration agreements: Memorandum of Understanding between CDA, BMA and NLAC and Memorandum of Understanding between CDA, GIBP, UNHCR and BMA, Memorandum of Understanding between CDA and GIM from 6 March 2023.

Cooperation with the BMA has become more intense since February 24, 2022. CDA lawyers monitor the observance of human rights at border crossings points, help Border Police and the Bureau of Migration and Asylum identify asylum seekers who apply at the border crossing points, receiving asylum applications, providing legal assistance, advising asylum seekers at the border.

The Memorandum of Understanding that was signed on 6 March 2023 reflects the joint commitment of the CDA and the GIM to implement the temporary protection mechanism in the Republic of Moldova and to successfully carry out integration activities for foreigners.

The document aims to establish a support mechanism by attracting additional staff to the regional integration centres for foreigners and the foreigners’ registration offices of the GIM.

At the same time, the parties will ensure the process of informing, advising and facilitating access to protection measures in terms of respect for the rights of foreigners, in particular beneficiaries of temporary protection. Joint actions will also aim to ensure the achievement of legal status and promote an inclusive society.