CDA activity at state border crossing points, between February 24 and June 30

CDA activity at state border crossing points, between February 24 and June 30

585 visits made to the border crossing points, 9521 asylum seekers and 156 unaccompanied children received unique legal advice: these are data that reflect the activity of the members of CDA team in the last 4 months of the current year at the border crossing points.

The most visits to the border crossing points have been made by CDA’s legal counselors in the southern districts of the country, such as Palanca (127), Giurgiulești-Reni (51), Giurgiulești-Galați (50) and Cahul (50). At the same border crossing points, the most legal counsels were granted to asylum seekers: in Palanca – 8310, in Giurgiulești-Galați – 213, in Cahul – 189 and in Giurgiulești-Reni – 105.

CDA, being the only legal NGO in the Republic of Moldova that has expertise and experience in the field of asylum, has been fully involved in monitoring the observance of foreigners’ rights at border crossing points, in particular, starting from February 24.

With the financial support of the association’s partners – the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), the Soros Moldova Foundation, Farmaceuticos Mundi, OXFAM International, CDA employees are constantly work at border crossing points, at accommodation centers, offering legal advisors and useful information to refugees, asylum seekers, unaccompanied children, foreigners in general.

In addition to the offered legal assistance, CDA representatives are also involved in various other activities, such as identifying the vulnerabilities of refugees, facilitating the obtaining of financial and material aid, the integration of foreigners into local communities, the protection of children, the organization of training for BMA and the Border Police employees on refugee rights and asylum procedures.