New information sessions, held by CDA employees within the Oxfam project

New information sessions, held by CDA employees within the Oxfam project

The members of the CDA team provided several activities within the CDA-Oxfam project in Basarabeasca (July 15), Cahul (July 19) and Comrat (July 21).

The attorney at law and legal counselling officer, Ludmila Cara-Palii, the CDA-Oxfam project assistant, Victoria Tepordei, and the CDA legal counsellor from Basarabeasca, Victor Tinor, were in dialogue with the refugees and the residents from Basarabeasca. The meeting was hosted by the “Phoenix” Regional Youth Resource Center, which was supported by CDA through donations of sporting goods.

In Cahul, 40 social workers participated in the information session on the rights of foreigners and refugees. The participants in the training were actively involved in the discussions and requested more clarifications regarding the practical ways of ensuring refugees access to social services, schools, kindergartens, medical assistance.

The CDA trainers Tatiana Chebac, Ion Bambuleac and Victoria Tepordei presented at the request of the social workers more details regarding the procedures for granting financial assistance, humanitarian aid, psychological assistance to refugees, regarding their documentation, employment and issues related to unaccompanied children.

Another meeting within the Oxfam project took place in Comrat on July 21, with the participation of 20 refugees from Ukraine, temporarily settled in localities of UTAG, and 15 representatives of local community.

The CDA-Oxfam project assistance, Victoria Tepordei, and the CDA legal counsellor, Aurelia Bagrin, spoke to the participants about the rights and obligations of refugees, the possibilities of their integration into the community, about the national legal framework and international standards regarding asylum, after which they answered several questions.

Afterwards, the participants were invited to an activity supported by psychologist Natalia Urecheanu with the generic “Перезагрузка тела, ума и сердца”, which ended with a yoga session.

The events took place at the town hall of the Comrat municipality and on the terrace of the Plazza complex in the locality, with the aim of providing basic information regarding asylum and the rights of refugees, but also promoting social cohesion in the localities that host refugees, facilitating their integration into the local community.