LCA, fully involved in the management of the refugee crisis

LCA, fully involved in the management of the refugee crisis

In the three months since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, more than 27,500 refugees  have benefited from individual legal counsel provided by the Law Center of Advocates (LCA) team.

Since the first day of the war in Ukraine, members of the LCA have been fully involved in monitoring the observance of the rights of Ukrainian refugees at border crossings and in accommodation centers. In the conditions of a flow of tens of thousands of people a day, some members of the LCA were non-stop at the Palanca border crossing point.

The LCA team provides legal advice and useful information to refugees in accommodation centers and border crossings, on telephone counseling lines, through online communication platforms, through social networks and through the distribution of printed information materials.

The Law Center of Advocates supports the Bureau for Migration and Asylum (BMA).  With the financial assistance of the Soros Foundation, LCA has hired 6 operators, who, teaming up with BMA Green Line operators, have taken over 30,000 calls from refugees. 

LCA continues to monitor the observance of refugee rights at border crossings, provides advice and legal assistance in 12 refugee accommodation centers in Chisinau and in 51 – in other localities in the country, including people staying in families. The addressed problems relate to refugee rights, documentation, employment, enrollment of children in school or kindergarten, access to medical services, relocation to EU countries.

In addition to the legal assistance provided, LCA representatives are also involved in various other activities, such as identifying refugees’ vulnerabilities, facilitating financial and material assistance, child protection, organizing training for BMA and Border Police employees on rights of refugees and asylum procedures.The Law Center of Advocates is the only legal partner of the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) in the Republic of Moldova. The LCA team offers free legal assistance and promotes the rights of asylum seekers, beneficiaries of international protection, foreigners, stateless persons. LCA trains and assists all actors involved in the asylum system in the Republic of Moldova, but also monitors the policies, legislation, and activities of state institutions in this field.